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The Sarong For Comfortable, Feminine Fashion At The Beach

Elegant yet casual, the sarong is the most versatile of beach cover ups. Used mostly as a wrap around skirt of varying lengths, this lightweight piece of fabric can also be worn as dress, shawl or scarf. At the beach, it can be a simple swim suit wrap. It can also be used as a wall hanging, curtain, tablecloth, picnic blanket or beach blanket.

They come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Usually brightly colored, they often depict flowers or animals. The fabric used can be cotton, rayon or silk. They can be designed with batik, silk-screened or hand painted.

Hibiscus Flower Sarongs
For The Beach

This top selling sarong comes in 33 different prints and colors, all with hibiscus flowers, making them Hawaiian style sarongs.

The Short Sarong
Swimsuit Cover Up

This wrap will cover up the bathing suit bottom or top but not both! Made of chiffon, it comes in 39 colors to choose from!

More Beach Sarongs For Women

Be sure to click on the image or link to the right to see all the beautiful designs this sarong comes in.  It is made of a sheer, lightweight chiffon.

Each one can be as unique as the person wearing it. Even two with the same design will look different on two different people, according to their body type and the way they wear them.

Some come with ties, making it easy to wear them securely. Most are just large pieces of beautiful fabric. Some have fringes along the side. 

These almost magical items of clothing are originally from Southeast Asia and the South Pacific Islands. It has gone by other names in different countries, but generally refers to a wrap around skirt. Another common term originating in Tahiti is pareo.

They are not only fashionable, but also wonderfully convenient. After hand washing in cold water (or machine washing on delicate cycle), hang them to dry for the fewest wrinkles.

They are the ultimate traveling companions on beach vacations, as they pack so easily in a suitcase, backpack or beach bag. You can wear it with your swim suit at the beach, with a tee shirt or tank top for sightseeing or a casual lunch at a local restaurant. If the evening is warm, you can tie it around your neck and wear it as a dress. 

How To Tie A Sarong

Though seemingly mysterious, learning how to tie a sarong is fairly simple. Wearing one is an age-old tradition in some parts of the world, but also one of the most popular beach cover ups today.

However, learning how to tie a sarong is still new to some, so hopefully the following information will be useful.

There's more than one way to tie one, depending on the look you want to achieve, and your body shape. It can be worn as a long skirt, a short skirt, (or any length of your choosing), a simple wrap, a shawl, a scarf or a dress. It can be all these things over the course of a day and evening. That's also what makes the sarong (or pareo) the perfect traveling companion.

Some sarongs have ties, in which case it is an easy matter to hold it in place. Another option is to pin it in place with a safety pin or two. Some use a belt. The style and material of the belt chosen can complement (or detract from) the whole look. The most common way to hold the sarong in place is by tightly tucking the fabric into itself, and/or tying 2 corners together after wrapping the garment around as desired.

If you want to wear it as a simple skirt, first wrap it around the back of your waist and hold the ends out in front of you. Tie these two ends into a knot and adjust it so that the knot sits over one of your hips. The leg under this hip will most likely be exposed as you walk.

Another way to wear one as a skirt or beach coverup is to wrap it around your waist and tuck the upper edge into the top of your bathing suit bottom.

First, tuck one corner into the swimsuit bottom over one hip. Pin if necessary. Take the other corner and wrap the rest of the material across your front. It is long enough to take around to the side, but fold the fabric three times into itself, a few inches at a time and then tuck it into the top of your swimsuit bottom or the skirt itself. Tight biker shorts or exercise stretch shorts work even better.

To wear the sarong as a dress, you can wrap the fabric around your back, under your arms and pull the ends forward. Tie or twist these two ends together over your bosom as snug as it will go. Then pull the excess ends up over your shoulders and tie behind your neck. Pin the front closed as necessary.

Practice and experiment in front of the mirror before heading for the beach. Walk, bend over and stoop to see if it all holds together, then adjust. Anyway, what's the worst that can happen, it comes loose in public? Just keep your composure and casually re-tie.

Here is a fun video that shows 8 ways to tie a sarong, but these are by no means the only ways.

Once you know how to tie one, you just might want to wear one all the time and around the house for its comfort, coolness, simplicity or feminine elegance. Or all of the above. So many exquisite colors and prints are available, it's hard to limit oneself to just one or two. 

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