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Newport Beach Boat Rental

Variety Of Watercraft

If you don’t have your own vessel, a Newport Beach boat rental will allow you to explore Newport Beach Harbor in a kayak, pontoon or sailboat. 

It’s so much fun to be out on the water with all the other watercraft. Some are partying, others picnicking, fishing, exercising, or just plain relaxing. Or you can glide by the waterfront homes and parked yachts on your own little self guided tour. It takes about an hour and a half or less to circle Balboa Island leisurely. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour.

Most boat rental facilities will provide a map of the Newport Beach Harbor to help you navigate. When renting your watercraft, just ask. 

Boat Rentals at Balboa

Marina Water Sports
Located between the Balboa Pavilion and the ferry landing on the bay side of Balboa Peninsula, Marina Water Sports has a wide variety of Newport Beach boat rentals. Their fleet includes single & tandem Cobra kayaks, Party Pontoon Boats (seat 6 + 2 children), Hunter Daysailers (seats 5), Duffy electric bay cruisers, and Marina Runabout outboards (seats 4 + 1 child).

They also offer ocean rental boats for fishing or cruising. They include the Boston Whaler Outrage (seats 6) and the Ocean Runabout (seats 6). They possess the largest fleet with most types of boats

Their address is at 600 E. Bay Ave., Balboa. Call 949-673-3372 for more information or reservations.

Balboa Boat Rentals
Located on the other side of the ferry landing on the peninsula, at Edgewater and Palm. Their fleet of boat rentals includes a power boat (seats 6), electric boats (seats 8 or 12), pedal boats (seats 2 or 4), kayaks (seat 1 or 2), Capri Sailboat (seats 4). They also have ocean rental boats.

Their address is 510 E. Edgewater, Balboa. Call 949-673-7200 for more information. 

Davey’s Locker
They have two types of skiff rentals for harbor fishing. Their address is 400 Main Street, Balboa. Phone number: 949-673-1434

Duffy Electric Boat Company
They have several types of electric boat rentals. Located at 2001 W. Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach. Call 949-645-6812.

Boats waiting to be rented in Newport Beach

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina
They have sailboats, wind surfers, electric boats and kayaks for rental. If you are not staying at the resort, you can pay ten dollars for day use parking. They are located at 1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach. Call 949-729-3863 for off season rental information.

Paddle Power
Located at 1500 Balboa Blvd. Near 15th Street in Newport Beach, They have one and two-man kayaks available for rental. Call 949-675-1215. Closed Tuesdays.

Newport Aquatic Center
Located on the left side (facing inland) of the Back Bay, the Newport Aquatic Center has hourly one and two-man kayak rentals. Call to check for hours if it is off season. Their address is at 1 Whitecliffs Dr., Newport Beach. Phone number: 949-646-7725 

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