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Malibu Beach Guide Overview

Malibu Beach Waves And Rocks

Malibu beach encompasses a whole variety of gorgeous beaches to explore.Leo Carrillo State Park (beach) is at the farthest western end, near the Ventura County line. Here you'll find trails, tidepools and camping facilities. Very interesting rock formations distinguish the scenery here.

Moving east, towards Santa Monica, you'll come to Nicholas Canyon County Beach, accessible from the parking lot up on the bluff above. People surf and dive here.

Where Decker Road meets PCH is El Pescador State Beach. More unusual rock formations, or sea stacks, are out in the water here and at the next two beaches. El Pescador is narrow and sandy, with picnic tables up on the bluff. La Piedra State Beach has similar features. The next beach is El Matador State Beach. Here, there is a larger pay parking lot, with a stairway and trail down to the beach.

Next, you'll be separated from the water by a residential neighborhood. Broad Beach Road goes through this area, from which you can access the beach from special access points between the houses. You are allowed to go on the beach at the end of the path or steps as long as you don't trespass onto private property, or get too close to the back of the homes. Below the high tide line is safe.

The beaches below private homes

Click here to see a map of public access points. 

Zuma Beach County Park is the Malibu beach with a noticeably wide sandy beach. Facilities abound, with showers, restrooms, dressing rooms, snack stands, volleyball nets, swings and a large pay parking lot.

Next is Point Dume State Beach. You'll find sandstone cliffs and tidepools. The Point Dume Headlands are nearby, where there are some hiking trails. The beach area which faces west is called, you guessed it, Westward Beach.

If you don't mind paying a hefty fee for parking, Paradise Cove is a lovely spot, though small. Surfing is prohibited here. Near Malibu Cove Colony Drive is Escondido Beach where people dive. The next beach is Corral State Beach, a.k.a. Solstice Beach. There is a narrow sandy strip on the beach and street parking.

Now Malibu Road veers off PCH through another neighborhood. Here you can find more public stairways marked by blue and white trash cans.

Just past Malibu Canyon Road, Malibu Lagoon State Beach is home to an estuary, the lagoon, the historic Adamson House and museum and the Malibu pier. Also here, Surfrider Beach is a famous surfing spot. This area is probably what is thought of when people say "Malibu Beach".

View of the Malibu Pier From Surfrider Beach

If you keep heading east on PCH past the pier, there are more public access stairways to the beach. Just keep an eye out for the blue and white trash cans. Further down is Las Tunas State Beach, which is a narrow beach, with both sandy and rocky areas. Beware of the rusted metal groins under the water if you go swimming.

Topanga State Beach lies at the end of Topanga Canyon Boulevard. You can park in the pay lot, or if you don't mind a hike, you can park for free up along Topanga Canyon Boulevard (but check the signs).

Now that you know what your Malibu beach options are, pick the one that sounds best to you and go have a spectacular day! 

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