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Knotts Berry Farm

Fun Southern California
Theme Park

Knotts Berry Farm is a Southern California theme park located in Buena Park in Orange County. The park is divided up into sections: Ghost town, Camp Snoopy, Fiesta Village and Boardwalk. The Knott's Marketplace is just outside the gates and features lots of restaurants and shops, but there is also dining and shops throughout the park.

Newish Rides

Three new attractions were added in 2013 to go along with the California Boardwalk fun zone section.

  • Coast Rider - 52 foot high roller coaster
  • Pacific Scrambler - traditional boardwalk type ride
  • Surfside Gliders - gives the feeling of hang gliding over the boardwalk

Basic Info

Opening hours vary throughout the year, but most of the year, it is open Saturdays from 10am to 10 or 11pm. Sundays 10 to 7 or 10 to 10 in summer. Weekends are 10 to 6, but later in summer and holiday breaks. 

Rides and Roller Coasters

Knotts has roller coasters for all levels, rated by thrill level. There's low thrill, mild thrill, moderate thrill, high thrill and aggressive thrill. The three water rides fall in this last category. Check out this video of an aggressive thrill ride, the Xcelerator Roller Coaster. .

Xcelerator Roller Coaster
At Knotts Berry Farm


Knotts offers various live shows and demonstrations at 4 venues in the park, such as at Indian Trails, where you can see Native American dancers and performers. Peanuts characters hang out in Snoopy town.

Getting Tickets

Substantial online discounts are also sometimes available on the Knotts website, with a processing fee added.

If you are an AAA member, you get a full 30% off regular admission! (This doesn't apply to Junior or Senior tickets.) I'm not sure if this will continue in 2014.

Season Passes can be spread out over 6 payments. Other types and levels of passes are available also.

Please note: all prices and hours are subject to change from the time of this writing.

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