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 Board Shorts For The Beach

Not just for men, there are cool and comfortable board shorts made for women and kid beach lovers as well. Boardshorts or surf shorts are comfortable and practical for surfing, body surfing, water skiing and wakeboarding. Plus, they look great for just hanging out at the beach or cruising down the boardwalk, whether on a bike or in your flip flops.

Paired with a rash guard or swim shirt, you are ready for spending some quality time in the water.

Children can play in the sand and surf in girl or boy boardshorts. In general, womens boardshorts are a bit shorter and lower cut. But they come in longer styles too. Wear with a bikini or rashguard.

Boardshorts For Men

These O'Neill long length boardshorts come in sizes 28 to 38 and in 9 different variations of colored stripes. 

Prefer solid colors? These popular Hurley boardshorts come in sizes 28 to 40 and in no less than 27 colors! (if you click on the image you will be able to see more colors, and some look to be shorter length than the rest.)

Boardshorts For Women

These womens black long boardshorts come in sizes 12 to 28.

These Hurley Juniors boardshorts for women come in a ton of cute prints and colors, but not all sizes are available in all designs, so you just have to check.

Hot Buying Tip:  Getting boardshorts online can be really tricky to find the right fit, especially for women. Be sure to read the reviews after clicking the product link because they often will tell you if sizes run small or large etc.

Boardshorts For Boys

These Kanu Surf boys trunks come in 3 color prints and 4 sizes. 

Boardshorts For Girls

These short length boardshorts for girls come in 7 adorable prints and colors. You can also get them in sizes from 12 months to 12 years.

All About Boardshorts

Most boardshorts are made from some form of Polyester Micro fibers, which are quick drying. Short made from these fabrics are also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Polyester/Spandex blends are becoming increasingly popular, due to comfort, quick drying ability, and their (light) stretch appeal.

Some of the shorts are made with nylons and nylon blends. These are also quick drying and lightweight, but if heavily textured, they have a tendency to be chafing. Baja Nylon is one of the types that don't have this problem.

Neoprene or mesh panels are sometimes used for added stretch function.

Before buying, consider the following, depending on what you plan to do in your boardshorts:

  • What is the best length for your purposes? For man board shorts, 21" and 22" are the most common. This goes to just above the knee usually.The mid thigh length is starting to get more popular. This includes the 18" to 20" range on most men of average height.Board shorts that go below the knee are in the 23" to 24" range. These are worn mainly on land, as they are not so practical in the surf.
  • How do they look? Many styles, patterns and lengths are available.
  • Are they lined? Mesh linings are comfortable, but add weight and drying time.
  • Is there a pocket for your keys, money, cell phone? Most come with a pocket with a drain hole, or a mesh pocket that doesn't hold water. Some have a lanyard attached to secure a key while you are in the water.
  • Are the shorts strong enough to withstand your best boating, surfing or other sport maneuvers?
  • Are they fastened with Velcro? This can be uncomfortable to some. An alternative type of fly is made with Lycra or Neoprene, but these don't open completely.
  • Is there a drawstring? Is the waist adjustable?

To wash boardshorts, use cold water with mild soap on the delicate cycle. Hang to dry. 

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